In Teknosystem we offer customers continuous support of our technical staff. 
Technical knowledge and experience of our engineers allow for a development of solutions suitable for customer and/or machinery manufactured by a particular customer. 
We support our customers in:

  • optimization of cost of product
  • amendments/preparation of technical documentation

We offer:

  • product design
  • prototype development

For development of technical documentation we use a software of Zuken E³.series.  


Teknosystem has machinery and equipment enabling for manufacturing of high quality electromechanical system and cabling.

Automated crimping machines:

  • Komax Alfa
  • Komax Gamma
  • Komax Kappa
  • Komax Zeta
  • 200+ various applicators

Semi-automated crimping machines:

  • Kirsten
  • Komax BT 700
  • Mecal
  • Zoller+Frohlich

Automated cutting and stripping:

  • Schleuniger Power Strip
  • Schleuniger other models


  • Teknosystem runs production in line with the global standards: ISO 9001 i ISO 14001, IPC-A-610,  IPC/WHMA-A-620 and UL certificate
  • High quality of goods is being achieved through use of materials and components delivered by the reputable suppliers
  • Production staff is committed and competent especially in delivery of high quality products