Fiber optics

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 LEMO certificate

repair of fiber optic cables

production of fiber optic cables

Teknosystem manufactures specialized fiber optics solutions:

  • camera cables for transfer of high definition signal (HDTV) based on LEMO connectors
  • cables for digital audio transfer
  • hybrid cables – all types
  • pre-connected Optical Distribution Frames boxes with 12 to 192 connections and optional cable
  • multi fibre cables for ODF with ST, SC, LC, FC/PC, FC/APC, MTRJ connectors
  • duplex fiber patch cords  with ST, SC, LC, FC/PC, FC/APC, MTRJ connectors
  • metal cabinets for an optic fiber distribution frames
  • active and passive optic fiber equipment


We offer also service of:

  • fixing of camera cables based on LEMO connectors
  • repair of fiber optics systems

Teknosystem have experience manufacturing and service of cables based on LEMO connectors.

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