The Company

We operate since 1990

Our experience has been confirmed by the cooperation with the reputable industrial corporations

Our advantage is a committed and competent staff

Our customers appreciate the knowledge and experience of our employees and high quality and timely delivery of our goods

Production plant is located in Warsaw, Poland

The Company is a part of the Teknoprod AB

Teknosystem in the episode of the “Business without borders” program, september 2022


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cert iso dekra 14001
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Production preparation

In Teknosystem we offer customers continuous support of our technical staff.
Technical knowledge and experience of our engineers allow for a development of solutions suitable for customer and/or machinery manufactured by a particular customer.
We support our customers in:

  • optimization of cost of product
  • amendments/preparation of technical documentation

We offer:

  • product design
  • prototype development

For development of technical documentation we use a software of Zuken E³.series.

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Teknosystem has machinery and equipment enabling for manufacturing of high quality electromechanical system and cabling.

Automated crimping machines:

  • Komax Alfa
  • Komax Gamma
  • Komax Kappa
  • Komax Zeta
  • 200+ various applicators

Semi-automated crimping machines:

  • Kirsten
  • Komax BT 700
  • Mecal
  • Zoller+Frohlich

Automated cutting and stripping:

  • Schleuniger PowerStrip
  • Schleuniger other models
Production process

Production process

 Teknosystem runs production in line with the global standards:
ISO 9001 i ISO 14001,
IPC/WHMA-A-620 and
UL certificate

 High quality of goods is being achieved through use of materials and components delivered by the reputable suppliers

 Production staff is committed and competent especially in delivery of high quality products

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


In Teknosystem we are aware of the influence of the electro-technical production on the environment. We are focused on environment protection and we do our best to combine economic goals and running an environment-friendly business.

Our activity is focused on minimizing the negative impact on the environment and on increasing of natural environment protection awareness among our employees.

Every day we protect a natural environment by:

  • reduction of output of technology wastes
  • reduction of emission of pollution to water and air
  • reduction of energy consumption and materials usage
  • use of environment-friendly components

The Company has implemented and developed Environment Management System in line with ISO 14001.

We are aware about the fact that the information obtained from the third parties may help us to better protect the natural environment.

In case that our operations have a harmful effect on the natural environment we ask for proving us with a respective feedback at:
or by phone:
+48 22 590 6019.

EU Funding

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