teknosystem wiązki kablowe 615x420

Cable harnesses

each electrically tested

meeting the highest technical standards

designed according to customer expectations

teknosystem systemy elektrotechniczne 615x420

Electromechanical Systems

quality control

individual configuration

the highest quality components

teknosystem światłowody 615x420

Fiber optics

 LEMO certificate

 repair of fiber optic cables
 production of fiber optic cables
teknosystem systemy światłowodowe 615x420

Fiber optic systems

 repair of optical systems

active and passive fiber optic equipment

metal enclosures for fiber optic distribution boxes

teknosystem oświetlenie viking

VIKING Lighting

vandal-proof housing
work in harsh conditions
glare-free light with high light output
work with different supply voltages (multivoltage)
akcesoria viking 615x420

VIKING Lighting accessories

reliable fastening
possibility of individual configuration
safe transport solutions
teknosystem wyroby gumowe 615x420

Rubber details

customized client designs
possibility of producing large series
high-quality neoprene rubber
teknosystem wyroby metalowe 615x420

Metal details

different production technologies available
wide range of available raw materials (steel, aluminum)
high precision and repeatability of production (CNC machines)


individual design in line with the client’s needs

 electrical, control, hydraulic and pneumatic installations

 experience in many industrial and production sectors