28 December 2023

Dear Esteemed Friends, Customers, and Irreplaceable Team Members,

With immense joy, we present to you our latest musical endeavor, one that holds a truly unique essence. This extraordinary release of a Christmas carol album is the result of the heart and dedication of our talented team—our very own employees!

This year, we decided to embark on something truly special. Instead of traditional carol recordings, we wanted to transport you to the heart of our company—to our factory where these magical sounds were born. Right here, amidst machines and tools, our musical ensemble gathered to share with you the unique atmosphere of the holidays.

These carols not only echo the rhythm of tradition but also the rhythm of labor, capturing the spirit of community that resides within our company. Every note, every word, is the result of our passion, commitment, and dedication to the values we hold dear.

On behalf of all Teknosystem employees, we want to express our gratitude for your support and trust, which you show us every day. These carols are for you, our dear Friends, Customers, and Amazing Team Members.

Immerse yourselves with us in the magic of the holidays, feel the warmth of the factory atmosphere where these exceptional sounds originated, and let our music accompany you in these special moments.

With warmest regards,

Aneta Rzewnicka

Zbigniew Bańkowski

Marcin Szczypa